Felitche Shares LatinX Inspired Club Anthem “Vamo a Toa”

Based in Vancouver, Felitche is a DJ with a focus on creating upbeat international dance tracks that fill the room with an uproar. At a young age Felitche moved to Portugal where he spent sixteen years of his life pursuing a professional career in soccer.

Returning home at 21 after deciding the soccer route was not the path he desired, he invested every dollar he had into music. Eventually, that would get him in the eyes of Drake who offered him simple advice. You need “The song, the music video, and you gotta go to Toronto”. Felitche packed his life up and left ending up in Toronto just a week later, where he built his career and profession becoming an up and coming Canadian DJ.

In his new track, “Vamo a Toa”, Felitche has merged his experiences with the native Canadian electronic scene and the burgeoning latin dance community. A sugary-sweet electronic anthem, “Vamo a Toa’’ traverses sonic landscapes as a euphoric and upbeat anthem filled to the brim with energy. Alongside this we were fortunate enough to setup an interview with Felitche. Read below.

Thanks for joining us today Felitche! We’re excited to be premiering this track, I wanted to kick off this interview by learning a bit more about you. Could you give me a breakdown on how you got your start and how your journey has transformed you as both an artist and human being?
Thank you so much for having me it’s honestly an honor! Man, I got my start by being in my Grade seven talent show! I did not know I could sing, probably couldn’t, haha, I just wanted to try for the fun of it. Once I passed the auditions I was shocked. No preparation, no practice, just adrenaline. 2 weeks later, I performed Simple Plan “Generation” and did a Kiss styled leg kick to end it all off. I got a standing ovation from 400 people in the gym and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a dream or a golden buzzer on X Factor.
After that I never stopped performing the talent shows until I graduated and even while I was in Europe trying to play professional soccer I couldn’t stop making lip singing videos to Justin Timberlake. This journey has not been easy at all. It was very rare I received a lucky chance or a brake but that made me humble and now I am just happywith me! I loved, got my heart smashed and put back together and I love the journey I have been walking! Life is like a long run up a mountain, at the bottom there are so many people eager to get to the top. Running up the hill some people are fast, some are slow, then near the top you see almost no one. At the top are people who feel accomplished and relate to you on how hard it was to get there. You get there at your own pace and run as fast as you let yourself. The top is always there just finish the run and understand once at the top you still need to go all the way down! Keep that energy HIGH. Always.
How would you describe your sound in its current state? How has this changed?
My sound has just materialized. I am finally able to take what I hear in my head and put it in the computer for you top hear. It’s like a mix of country EDM with bold melodies and big drops. Before it was just copying what I liked like Mike Posner “I took a pill in ibiza” and trying to make what was trending. Now I feel the sound and make it! I love POP EDM like Martin Garix and Illenium. That’s what I am after with a country pop tone voice.
What are a few of your biggest influences in music? How do these translate into your work?
Oh man, I got so many influences but I love The Weeknd. I know every word to every song. I love how he can make a dirty subject sound so beautiful. Stunning melodies and I incorporate the same mentality with my music. A few others would be revolutionaries like Prince and Micheal Jackson for their ability to captivate an audience with such powerful dances and imagery. Definite goals for me! Then I can’t get enough of Tiesto and Armin Van Burren. They are so real to talk to and the melodies and ideas top their music is perfect. I watch all of Armin Van Burren’s master classes just laughing at his analogies and I always learn something.
Do you have any whacky or zany ideas for music videos? What’s your ultimate goal when it comes to developing your creative branding?
So many ideas and not enough time! HAHA! Honestly I want to do a music shoot in the shower naked where the shower is a waterfall and the glass steam covers my stuff. I love that sexy funny feel. Probably drink Henny at some point! My creative brand is dark energy I feel. Club lifestyle while in a suit. Drunk while able to be sober enough to remember the night. I want to capture that in my music and every video. I am here to be that shoulder to cry on then take you out to feel better I GOTCHU!
Do you have a mission that you’re working on in 2020 for yourself or the music industry as a whole?
I want to put Vancouver on the map! Just represent my city for the crazy EDM dance city that it is. Just no one knows yet! My mission for 2020 is simply to become a recognized artist among most people and make as many people laugh and dance as I can!
How do you want your fans to connect with your music?
My fans are everything to me. Still can’t believe so many people are there to support me. Makes me emotional really! Performing in a latin club for a couple years in Vancouver I wanted to make something with the same energy the incredible latin vibe creates. This is the track.

What can we expect from you next?

You know what, I got three more singles on the way and I want to drop one every couple months! I am just happy people are enjoying it and I aint stopping. I expect to go all around the world partying with each and every one of my fans! Love you guys!

Avid writer based in NYC