From Graves Share Anthemic Single “Black Widow”

From Graves is a metal band from San Antonio, TX. Formerly branded under the name Torn Between Tides, From Graves has a new mission to deliver some of the heaviest, captivating music and performances to the scene. Taking notable influences from metalcore, industrial and death metal, they have been quickly gaining a loyal fan base as one of San Antonio’s growing up and coming artists. After releasing one music video and single in 2019 for “Shadows,” they are currently sitting at 128k views and thousands of streams on streaming sites around the world.

With no intentions of slowing down, the group is excited to kick off the new year with their single “Black Widow”. When asked about the single, Jonah of the group stated:

Today, we got the chance to interview them and share the video! Read below.

Welcome to Medium guys! How have you progressed, starting from when you were first releasing music, to now?

  • (Jonah): thanks for having us! The technicality, diversity and versatility of the music we write is definitely something we progressed on. We are all constantly evolving as artists and continue to push our creativity in all directions.
  • (Alex): A lot more knowledge of what it takes to actually produce music and properly structure a song. Also just overall learning about the business side of things when it comes to being a musician.

What’s the story behind the track?

  • “Black Widow is a track that was inspired by heartache and betrayal, but there’s somewhat of a romantic undertone to it- to really emphasize on what a destructive emotion love can be.
  • ‘The music video was shot at Anthem Entertainment, a new music venue in San Antonio, TX and we had 17 wonderful ladies participate in playing the roles of the corpses in lingerie. The contrast between the beauty and the grotesque in the imagery is a reflection of what the initial theme of the song is. Sex and death are also two of humanity’s most coveted secrets’

How would you say you personally navigate through the music world? What’s your secret in becoming a well-rounded band?

  • (Jonah): Personally, I feel it’s always better to have a vision and keep pushing it without any outside distractions. It’s also never a good idea to box yourself into one type of music. Believe it or not, the stuff we haven’t put out yet is always us trying something new. It also gets boring writing the same thing over and over.
  • (Alex): Navigating through the music world takes a lot of networking communication, dedication, and motivation. If there is no action being done behind the goals the band members have set, there will be no progression ever made. Constructive criticism is also very important so band members know what they can always do better on and never settle on the song being created.

“Black Widow” was transformative in the most important way possible. What are your main goals as an artist?

  • (Jonah): “Black Widow” was our chance to show other sides of us and is way different than our debut single “Shadows.” Our main goals are just that- to constantly challenge ourselves and take different approaches to our work.
  • (Weasel): I just want to make an impact on the metal scene, create a well rounded fan base and spread positive vibes throughout those fans

Can you tell us more about your live performances? Do you prefer live performance over the actual songwriting/recording process?

  • (Alex): The overall live performance is one of my favorite things. As a drummer I get to sit in the back and watch mayhem happen and even just watching people bang their heads is one of the most amazing things to see. It feels good when the crowd can appreciate the music that is being played because there is a lot of hard work that goes into making these songs especially during the writing process

It was a treat to be featuring such original music here on Medium! What’s the plan now?

  • (Jonah): Our plan at this point is to focus on recording and releasing our first EP and do some touring in support of the release later this year! Keep an eye out, we’ll be around.
  • (Weasel): I just wanna say thank you to everyone who is checked us out, keep your ears open for new music soon! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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