Senerio Explores Queer Identity In Anthemic Track “Echelon Black”

Senerio Baptiste is a DIY artist and rapper that carries himself with the bravado and swagger of a rock star. The 27-year old first-generation Haitian-American artist was born in Miami Beach, and has a sonic world as expansive as his ambitions, drawing from glam rock aesthetics, trap sounds, island music, ballroom and deep house. Today, he shares “Echelon Black,” his first single since the initial release of his debut album Eden.

“As long as I can remember, Ive always been wearing multiple hats,” he says. “It wasn’t intentional, but largely came from being disappointed in people and becoming someone who just picked up all these other skills because he had to and it’s a part of me now.”

‘Echelon Black’ is an acknowledgment of my existence and honing into that realization: what makes me me is being black and queer,” Senerio says of the new music.” The track presents itself as an unapologetic anthem that fits perfectly into the present social climate as Senerio’s voice traverses throughout the tracks booming deep cuts.

This confident forwardness was hard-earned: like so many queer artists before him, Senerio was straight-washing his songs to appease to a larger audience. It was his being embraced by the queer underground nightlife in New York City and the owning of his identity that allowed him to flourish, which to him meant “removing the burden of trying to cater to straight people.” “Echelon Black” is peppered with referenced to his bisexuality and is direct about his desire to center the musical conversation in queer spaces around black people and people of color.

As the NYC nightlife scene has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Baptiste has pivoted through grit and determination with the community as they fight to preserve what they’ve fought for. This has resulted in his current event that will premiere on June 29 through Zoom, titled The Blackity Black Show. With a focus on showcasing black artists & musicians, the show will be raising money for BTFA, also known as Black Trans Femmes in The Arts.

As the world pivots throughout the current climate, Senerio Baptiste has proven himself as a fighter for his community through both his art and his actions. We are truly eager to see what he’s cooking up next.

In the meantime, stream “Echelon Black”.