TIOGA Share New Single, “Bad Things,” Just In Time for Halloween

Today we’re excited to share indie group, TIOGA’ newest single “Bad Things.” Born in Philadelphia, with roots extending to New York City — the quartet, composed of Greg Adams (lead vocals), Derrick Dieso (guitar), Austin Paragas (bass & vocals), and Henri Tyler Brooks (drums & vocals), has established their signature blend of new wave indie rock and synth-pop. With a sound has grown to embrace goth-pop tendencies and a whole lotta synth, drawing influences from the new wave indie rockers of the early aughts as well as contemporaries.

If David Byrne decided to hop in a spaceship and make a record that tackles simultaneously wanting to be alone but not being able to deal with the solitude of one’s thoughts, it might sound like “Bad Things.”

The tongue in cheek track follows the never-ending journey of self-awareness, all while peppering in paranoia, encroaching silence, and a moody, brooding synth. The track’s antagonist — anxiety in its humanized form — is inevitably lurking. The song shines most in its live form, with a groove so catchy that it’s easy to dance the anxiety away. Born out of a Talking Heads’ cover session, the song takes nods from their legendary, influential sound, and their new wave derivatives like Walk the Moon, LCD Soundsystem, and The Killers.

Listen below.